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Commitment, Skill and Care

Gentin Podiatry & Physiotherapy treats foot, ankle, knee, hip and other leg problems. Our podiatrists and physiotherapists work with gentle care and personal understanding of your special needs.

Most people experience a problem with their feet at some time in their lives and our job is to help you “back onto your feet.”

An active lifestyle can result in aching joints, arthritis and musclular pain. We successfully treat children, athletes and seniors in Bondi Junction and the Eastern Suburbs.

We provide an accurate diagnosis and discuss the solutions that will treat the problem.

We Treat

Children's Feet Problems – Podiatry & Physiotherapy Professionals in Sydney East

Everyday Foot Care

From time to time, we experience pain in our feet, heels, shins, even hips – and it’s because of many things – the way we sit, the way we walk, the shoes we wear, even our diet. If you ignore these niggling pains, they can cause many other problems, as we compensate to avoid the pain.

We provide ongoing foot maintenance, to regularly remedy ingrowing toenails, bunions, callus build-ups, and recurring bacteria issues that cause tinea, odour and embarrassment.

Clinical Sports Therapist

People in the Eastern Suburbs take their sport seriously. However, this can either exacerbate existing ailments or create new problems, affecting ankles, joints, tendons and arthritis.

Gentin Podiatry & Physiotherapy are sports experienced practitioners, having treated hundreds of leading sports people, including swimmers cyclists and runners. Our treatments allow athletes to recover from hard sport more quickly, and prevent long-term problems with the correct preventative steps.

Seniors Podiatrists and Physiotherapists

Our feet are often the first place we feel the effects of ageing.  Aching legs after a long walk, loss of flexibility and arthritis can all be remedied with simple podiatric and physiotherapy treatments.

Gentin Podiatry & Physiotherapy also maintain your feet on a regular basis – we treat ingrown toenails, bunions, callus and recurring fungal problems.

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