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Corns & Calluses

What are Calluses?

Calluses are thickenings or hard patches in the surface layer of skin.


What are Corns?

A “hard” corn may develop if pressure is concentrated on a small area. If the area under the corn becomes inflamed swelling, redness and pain can occur.

A “soft” corn may develop between the toes, where the skin is often moist, as a result of pressure or friction.


What causes calluses and corns?

Calluses and corns are caused by pressure or friction. They are often caused by footwear that is inappropriate or does not fit properly. Calluses and corns are often signs of underlying foot
problems, indicating abnormalities in bone structure or the way a person walks. If not removed, they can become painful.

Calluses and corn are extremely common, often occurring when people spend a lot of time on their feet, or are older.

Treatment of calluses and corns

It is important to consult a professional podiatrist to remove any calluses or corns. Your podiatrist will work out what is causing the pressure that is causing the callus or corn to develop. He will also remove the callus or corn and advise you how to take care of the area, to prevent infection.

Your podiatrist will remove the corn by removing some the surrounding hard skin. To prevent recurrence, he may supply you with a device that will prevent friction and redistribute pressure, or act as extra padding. You will also be advised on the most appropriate footwear to effect long-term relief.