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The Young Athletes Hub

On a daily basis we see kids, teens, opens and masters with common sporting injuries, mostly caused by dysfunctional movement patterns, as we move less and sit more on a daily basis. This is why, off-season/injury prevention training (physical literacy/preparation) is most important for our young children in the developmental stage and as an underpinning essential to athletic performance and reducing the injuries mentioned above. In my research, we need to be continually educating children to become aware of their own bodies and to empower them with a good foundational base. 

Our experiences led us to launching a Physical Literacy program titled ‘The Young Athlete Hub’ for young, up and coming athletes/sportspeople to understand their body’s, whilst becoming self-aware, and self-regulatory. Classes are focused on building balance, coordination and good fundamental movement principles in an interactive and engaging environment. Our physiotherapists and movement experts understand children and combine the latest athletic development research (in alignment with government and NSO pathways) to challenge young athletes and help them to reach their peak.

The Program Vision:


The program has been designed as a one-stop shop to reduce injury, improve performance and promote movement


A team of health professionals and teachers who are passionate about facilitating and strengthening the pathways for young


Learn. Move. Feel. Create.


Injury prevention, recovery, balance and coordination skills, building resilience and purpose

Program focus/Outcomes:

  1. Identify specific areas of improvement for individuals and/or at team level.
  2. Provide the tools and knowledge for athletes to become more proactive in managing their own physical wellbeing.
  3. Create a fun, safe and interactive environment to achieve the best possible results in their specific sport.

Sessions available:

  • 1 on 1
  • 1 on 3
  • Term program

For more information please contact us here.